Engaging Partners in Women's Health

The Supreme Court of Brazil held public hearings on August 3 and 6 for a landmark case, ADPF n.442, which seeks to decriminalize abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy. International and national experts were invited to present their positions on decriminalization before the Court, including lawyers, health providers, researchers, academics, women’s rights advocates and religious leaders.

The Festival Pela Vida Das Mulheres (Festival for Women’s Lives) was organized in Brasília over the course of the hearings, to amplify the voice of Brazilians supporting decriminalization of abortion. Activists protested in front of the Supreme Court and participated in workshops, cultural and artistic events. As part of the festival, Bloco A convened an expert panel and discussion comprised of academics, Brazilian NGOs, women’s rights groups, health providers and UNFPA to examine initiatives aimed at improving service delivery of reproductive health in Brazil and discuss ongoing barriers and solutions. Suggestions included the need to reduce stigma and discrimination of health providers through sensitization workshops and build clinical capacity of nursing, psychology and medical students in sexual and reproductive health care.

Bloco A incorporates feedback from these types of events to inform and refine our strategy. This helps us to ensure our approach is woman-centered, context-appropriate, aligned with partners and impactful.